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Corporate Philosophy


We solve your painful legal, investment and management problems 


Maintaining global view point, we dedicate to assist you in improving and protecting your business results

Core Values

Best people dedicate to clients' values
World class intelligent assists clients in expanding their business
Trust and responsible in all relationships

Code Of Conduct

Work from customer standpoint
Strive constantly for a harmonious work environment
Be ever mindful of the value of all efforts

Value Proposition

Points of difference

Value creating process

Our continuously improvement-based service process focuses not only the needs of the moment, but long-term profitability of your company. We help you best transform your intangible assets to your tangible customers and financial outcome.

Group Synergy Constitutes Value Chain

Partnering with diversified giant corporations, such as: GELEXIMCO, UDIC, VINAPHARM, VIETNAM AIRLINES..., operating in various industries, including banking, securities, insurance, cement, electricity, paper, mining, automobile, etc., we have opportunities to work on large and complex investment projects. For those kinds of projects, our consultants have a distinct advantage due to their deep acquaintance of business and their expertise in a wide range of sectors.

Point of Parity

We offer all of our services at fair, competitive prices, and deliver them with pride.

Core Competencies

Our Self Employed People

Considering people is our most value asset, we hire, develop and reward the best people who place customer satisfaction first. By applying the Japanese-based management style, our people are not only good at specialized knowledge and deep understanding of practice but also mastered the skills to work effectively. We own strong team works enable us to deliver world-class services.

Our Firm's Vast Experience and Breadth

SMIC has long provided assistance to business leaders for addressing their greatest challenge, from re-organizing for long-term growth to improving business performance and maximizing revenue. Our firm's vast experience and breadth in corporate law an investment gives you an advantage in dealing with your real business issues. We provide "end-to-end" capabilities to ensure that you will be doing a healthy business in the years to come.


SMiC works with many large and small companies to translate their visions and objectives into pragmatic business models. Our long-term client relationship and continued growth are evidence of our very high performance standards and commitment to our clients' success.

 SMIC, annually, provide legal and investment services to hundred investors all over the world. The continued satisfaction of our clients defines our position as a premier, employee-owned, law and investment consulting firm.