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Circulation and distribution of goods not associated with production in Vietnam of foreign businessmen, like in many countries, are governed by a complex system of mechanisms and policies. It is easy to understand because the government needs to protect domestic production, stable the market and protect the interests of consumers. A foreign businessman, for example, in order to import drugs for sale in Vietnam, He must, first, meet the commitments stipulated by Vietnam's WTO accession on nationality, mode of commercial presence, and the "open door" route of goods. He, next, must meet the conditions prescribed by laws on commercial and investment in terms of capital, office, warehouses, environmental protection, security, fire prevention, etc. In addition, because drugs are subjected to specialized management by the Ministry of Health, the imported drugs, before being allowed to circulate on the market, must satisfy regulations of laws on pharmaceuticals. Such as: having a certification of good production practices, having a certification of clinical testing, already registering code for circulation, satisfying regulations on labeling of goods, etc.

Not only subject to these above legal regulations, non-production activities of foreign businessmen in Vietnam are also governed by written and unwritten administrative regulations, being known as technical barriers, made by public authorities in each period. For example, despite the WTO commitments which allow a foreign businessman to obtain a trade permit in any part of Vietnam. It is impossible to obtain a trade permit if it is done in a province other than Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. In addition, Vietnam only commits granting trade permits for a foreign businessman case by case. So, being licensed or not depending on qualification of the application file and perspective of the Ministry of industrial and commercial.

Therefore, our advice to you is to consult an experienced attorney in advantage if you want to conduct any commercial activities in Vietnam.

Our lawyers and practitioners has wide experience and extensive knowledge of both legal and business aspects of product sales. We offer our clients a full range of legal advice and excellent services on commerce, distribution and sale of products in Vietnam. Including:

Policies and Conditions
  • Offering the most up-to-date advice on Vietnam's policies and WTO commitments on trading rights and distribution of products with solutions on how to satisfy conditions for penetration into the Vietnamese market;
  • Advising on the possibility of obtaining permits and business licenses for import and sale of specific products and providing possible suggestions on the preparation of documents to increase the likelihood of obtaining those licenses.
Document Drafting
  • Advising on procedures and detailed requirements for preparation of documents required by the laws of Vietnam for granting of sale permits or business licenses for specific products;
  • Drafting of all necessary documents and providing support for these documents, such as translations, arrangements for notarization, etc.
Securing Sale Permits
  • Representing clients in the submission of application files to Vietnamese Authorities and in obtaining sale permits and/or business licenses from these authorities for specific products;
  • Representing clients in giving demonstrations to and providing explanations and clarification to Vietnamese Authorities on the application dossiers as well as lobbying those authorities for approval.


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