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M&A are often the complex transactions, especially in the case of Vietnam where the reliability of corporate financial report and transparency of the property is still very low. In addition to that is the complexity of asset ownership transferring rules, for example in case of real estate, and the difficulties in implementing the provisions of the tax authorities to be recognized the legitimate price of assets after transferring.

Selection of a right and suitable legal form for each transaction is particularly important; because, it will be very difficult to fulfill related procedures - transferring ownership of assets, changing investor of an already licensed investment project, or changing the user of land, etc. - if you make a wrong or unsuitable selection, even you have to spend a lot of time and expenses.

We've done dozens of M&A transaction in Vietnam with many different legal characteristics. Including the acquisition of plants from debt purchasing company, private companies, state owned equitized companies, foreign invested companies, or to acquisition of investment projects, purchase shares. Some of which had been ranked in the top 10 typical M&A transaction in Vietnam.

With our distinct advantage of expertise, experience and capability in consulting and implementing M&A transaction in Vietnam, We have been chosen as the major legal partner of some giant corporations, including public and private corporations, in their M&A strategy. For example: UDIC selects us to implement the M&A strategy of developing building materials. VINAPHARM chooses us to ensure its real estate development strategy. GELEXIMCO selected us to restructure its investment portfolio, etc.

If you intend to participate in any M&A transaction in Vietnam, please come with us to get valuable advice and comprehensive solutions for your business. In any case, we will always support you with all our talent and heart.



Impact Stories

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Our clients come from many parts of the world, operate in nearly every industry, they come to us for economic and effective solutions. The impact stories here illustrate how we contribute values to our clients' business success.

Investment project mining and processing of coal

Co Kenh coal mine at Chi Linh District, Hai Duong Province, an area of ​​75 hectares, over 10 million tons of reserves - the largest private coal mine in Vietnam.


Restructuring the training system of Vietnam Cement Corporation

Restructuring the entitle training system of Vietnam Cement Corporation (VICEM) and setting up the VICEM Technology Institute.





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