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Thanks to sustained economic growth and stability over the past two decades, the private sector is growing rapidly with the formation of many huge private corporations. Adding to that, the innovation of investment thinking and policies had been contributing to form a new investment trend in the large-scale project from $ U.S. 150 million or more. This new trend is creating great opportunities for capable and experienced foreign contractors to provide machinery, equipment, technology as well as design, construction, installation services in Vietnam.

SMIC has experienced many projects of this kind, including the first project implemented by the private sector. For this kind of projects, our lawyers and experts have owned a lot of valuable experience on project management and execution; drafting, negotiating and implementing EPC contracts and sub-contracts; dispute limitation and resolve as well as related technical knowledge.

At our office, the following services are frequently ordered by contractors:


  • General advice on all legal matters relating to operation of a foreign contractor/sub-contractors in Vietnam. Such as: bidding law and regulations, applicable taxes, foreign workers, etc.
  • Follow procedures for registering bidding contracts, operational office of foreign contractors, and work permit/visa for foreign workers.
  • Draft, review, negotiate, advice on implementation and resolve disputes EPC contracts/sub-contracts.






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