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Establishment and administration of a new legal entities (companies, schools, hospitals, institutes, centers, NGOs, investment funds, associations, etc.) including branches, representative offices is one of the core services of our Firm's practice. We advise you on all legal aspects and assist you in the completion of all necessary procedures and the obtaining of all required licenses for the establishment and operation of your business in Vietnam. If you are intending to establish your new business in Vietnam, you will benefit from our services including:

  • Advice on selection of appropriate business mode;
  • Advice, draft, and prepare application file and represent you to submit and follow-up any procedure for being obtained a business registration for setting up a legal entity, branch or representative office in Vietnam;
  • Assist you in completing any other prescribed procedures after the grant of Business Registration, such as obtaining the seal, tax code;
  • Advice on statutory conditions to be satisfied for your business to engage in conditional business sectors; draft, prepare documents and follow-up procedures to obtain any conditional license/permit for your business to engage in various business sectors.
  • Advice and represent you in negotiating with your partners all matters related to the company's organizational structure, voting rights, BOD/BOM operation and management, capital assignment, etc.
  • Advice on all legal aspects and practical issues related to commercial transactions, investment plans with any legal weaknesses, potential adverse consequences, possible recommendations, and optimal tax efficient structures.