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Our qualified and experienced lawyers and experts can call upon their vast experience in multi investment projects in various industries and investment models. For these kinds of projects, they have a distinct advantage due to the deep acquaintance of business, markets, procedures, as well as their expertise in a wide range of sectors and their ability in working effectively with public authorities.

  • Investment Policy Search & Consulting

We conduct in deep research on investment policy to meet your specific purposes. Our service provides you with clear picture about all legal matters and investment policy relating to your proposed investment objectives. The scope of research may include conditions and forms of investment, investment incentives, investment procedures, applicable tax, separated regulations and practice application in each province or area.

  • Agent for applying Investment project and business mode
Investment procedure is different from project to project depending on industry, investment scale and form of land use. Our firm qualified and experienced lawyers and expert can help you define exactly procedures, route and solutions to follow, prepare necessary project documents and follow procedures (includes post-procedures: seal making, land leasing, construction licensing, etc.) to meet your needs and preferences. We provide "end-to-end" capabilities to ensure that you will be timely obtained investment permits with cost effectiveness.

Impact Stories

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Our clients come from many parts of the world, operate in nearly every industry, they come to us for economic and effective legal and investment solutions. The impact stories here illustrate how we contribute values to our clients' business success.

Investment project mining and processing of coal

Co Kenh coal mine at Chi Linh District, Hai Duong Province, an area of ​​75 hectares, over 10 million tons of reserves - the largest private coal mine in Vietnam.


Restructuring the training system of Vietnam Cement Corporation

Restructuring the entitle training system of Vietnam Cement Corporation (VICEM) and setting up the VICEM Technology Institute.




The content herein in is for reference only. Please consult our lawyers case by case to avoid unexpected risks.

Establishing a Manufacturing Presence in Vietnam

When looking to expand your manufacturing business into Vietnam, there are a variety of key issues for which extra attention needs to be paid. You need to be aware of not just your potential location, but also what establishing a presence in that location means - specifically with regard to different zone types and any relevant tax or administrative issues. []

The impacts of investment restriction on non-production areas

If the Government does not reconsider the policy to restrict investment in non-manufacturing sector, trade deficit may continue to increase. []

Vietnam’s Taxes on Business

In a tough global economy, major foreign investors continue to prioritize their investments into Vietnam. Many small-medium sized enterprises are following in step, acting on the business potential that Vietnam holds for companies of all sizes and a variety of industries. It is thus increasingly important to understand the taxes which Vietnam imposes on business. []

Licensing Procedures for Foreign-Invested Enterprises in Vietnam

As part of establishing a 100 percent foreign-owned enterprise (100% FOE) or a joint venture (JV) in Vietnam, a foreign investor must go through a series of licensing procedures before being entitled to conduct business in Vietnam. []

Policy on restricting investments in non-core fields faces strong opposition

VietNamNet Bridge - The attempt by the Ministry of Finance to reduce the allowed ratios of investments in non-core business fields has been facing the strong opposition from big state owned economic groups and general corporations. []

Leading through uncertainty

The range of possible futures confronting business is great. Companies that nurture flexibility, awareness, and resiliency are more likely to survive the crisis, and even to prosper.

DECEMBER 2008 • Lowell Bryan and Diana Farrell


List of investment sectors which required legal capital

(Applied to both local and foreign investors)


Law on investment in Vietnam & guiding documents

By the end of 2005, in an effort of creating a fair and favourable investment enironment in Vietnam to mobilize all rerources for economic develpment, the National assembly had passed the Law on investment. []

Brief Guide To Doing Business In Vietnam

On June 29, 2005, Vietnam National Assembly had enacted two new laws - the Law on enterprise and the Law on investment which have come into effect from July 1, 2006. These two new laws had ennulled four older laws - the law on enterprise (1999), the law on foreign investment in Vietnam (1996), the law on domestic investment incentives (1999), and the law on state owned enterprise (2003). These two new laws, as the milestone of unifying the business legal system in Vietnam, are expected to create an advantage business environment for all investors investing in Vietnam.

Vietnam has also gained entrance to WTO since November 7, 2006. Being the WTO's member, Vietnam had signed the Agreement with WTO on trade, service and taxation which will pay the way to foreign investors accessing into its market. The "opening market" schedule will be 12 years but no latter than the year of 2018.


Trading activities of Foreign enterprises in Vietnam

DECREE No. 23/2007/ND-CP. Detailing the Commercial Law regarding goods purchase and sale activities or related activities of foreign-invested enterprises in Vietnam