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The professional services of SMIC are designed to provide efficient and effective solutions to today's most pressing legal and management challenges. Because we blend the best in legal compliance with sound management thinking, we can provide consulting and legal services that focus not only on the needs of the moment, but the long term profitability of your company.

  • Agent and retain. Our Kaizen process based legal advice emphasize a preventive approach to the law - helping our clients anticipate legal difficulties, minimize exposure to legal claims and fees, and prevent operation disruptions.
  • Procedure assistance. We save your time, money and effort by helping you accomplish with any procedure relating to your company's operation e.g. investment related procedures, tax related procedures, goods import and export procedures, intellectual property protection related procedures, etc.
  • Contract & Negotiation. Contract and negotiation are a fact of life. whether in business, government, or family, people reach most decisions through negotiation and contract. Our qualified and experienced lawyers will, base on your interest, develop your BATNA and (if need) participate in negotiation and prepare contract to help you reach most interest and protective agreements.
  • Dispute resolution. When business disagreements reach litigation, the complexities can be immense. Valuation issues are often crucial and should never be an afterthought. SMIC's qualified and experienced professionals can help you understand, plan for, and successfully deal with the issues involved. We provide valuable consulting services and, if needed, expert testimony to support our conclusions.

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Our clients come from many parts of the world, operate in nearly every industry, they come to us for economic and effective solutions. The impact stories here illustrate how we contribute values to our clients' business success.






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